Vocal Ensemble


AORA is a Swedish a cappella group consisting of six strong voices from different musical backgrounds who creates vocal music in genres such as pop, jazz and folk music, all embedded in original music and arrangements. The group was created in 2016 and has ever since continued to grow and mature together to shape the unit they are today.

In November 2022, AORA released their debut EP “Puls” with original music in Swedish. Puls illustrates the thoughts, feelings and dilemmas that you can come across in life. Reviews of “Puls” praise the group’s harmonious sound and musicality as well as the songs’ recognizable lyrics and playful arrangements.

AORA won 1st prize at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2021 and has previously received 2nd prize at the German vocal competition International A Cappella Contest Leipzig 2019. In 2022, AORA recieved a scholarship for vocal ensembles from the world renowned Swedish male choir Orphei Drängar.


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