Brass Ensemble

© Felix Groteloh

Brass music detached from expectations. Unconditional desire, joy of experimentation and love of folk music.

Brass music detached from expectations. The seven-piece wind band combines local folk music traditions and world music elements with their love of experimentation. Federspiel’s signature are her own compositions. These largely refer to the musical and biographical roots of the seven musicians and explore the tension between tradition and modernity. The desire for the new, the personal and the unmistakable, combined with their boundless enthusiasm for playing, which is so noticeable to the audience, makes Federspiel one of the most innovative and interesting ensembles on the European wind music scene.

Federspiel was founded in Krems an der Donau in 2004. Decisive impulses came from the mastermind of Austrian folk music Rudi Pietsch, who accompanied the ensemble from the very beginning. The musical program soon expanded to include the music of the former crown lands of Austria-Hungary and beyond. The influences and inspirations range from Scandinavia to New York. The youthful, cheeky sound always remains anchored in the origins of Austrian music culture.

The “20 years of FEDERSPIEL” anniversary program including a live album is in preparation. The official celebration, including the album presentation, will take place in the fall of 2024 at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Frédéric Alvarado-Dupuy: clear, voc
Simon Zöchbauer: trp, pictrp, zit, voc
Philip Haastrp, flgh, voc
Christoph Moschberger: trp, flgh, voc
Thomas Winalek: pos, btrp, voc
Christian Amstätter: pos, voc
Roland Eitzinger: tb, voc